Vintage Cocktail Rings November 17 2013

Cocktail rings are undeniably chic and incredibly glamorous. A fabulous ring can make a big statement, and change an outfit in a wave of a hand. Cocktail rings are always fun and stylish to wear and can glamour to any look.

During the American prohibition of the 1920’s cocktail rings became high fashion at illegal cocktail parties. Ladies would attend parties looking incredibly stylish flashing their colourful dress rings. The rings became a status symbol for the ladies who wore them. The appeal of the cocktail ring certainly has remained. First Lady Michelle Obama wore a spectacular diamond cocktail ring on inauguration night whilst dancing with husband Barak, a ring Michelle has worn many times since with great style.

Whilst there are stylish new designs on the market, vintage cocktail rings are quite spectacular. Usually only available as one off’s, these vintage rings have stood the test of time and continue to add style and glamour to any outfit. Many vintage dress ring designs have become style classics and remain contemporary, despite having been created decades ago.

Vintage Fine Jewellery hold a fabulous collection of vintage cocktail rings and vintage dress rings of gemstones in a spectacular array of colours and cuts, set in platinum, yellow gold and rose gold. The collection includes a beautiful sapphire and diamond rub-over set ring from the 1930’s, a very enviable 23.3 cts citrine surrounded by 1.20 cts of diamonds ring from the 1960’s and cabochon cut sapphire from the 1930’s to name only a few. These fabulous gems have such a history behind them and continue to sparkle into the future.