Garnet Jewellery January 22 2015

The red garnet has been a favourite of jewel lovers throughout history featuring in many pieces from both Roman and Egyptian civilizations where rings were used for ceremonial purposes by the ruling elite. The stones had their heyday in the Victorian era when dark gems were very popular, together with jet and pyrite.

Over two decades ago, Southerbys auctioned jewels from The Jackie Kennedy Onassis estate. A cabochon cut garnet set into a flower brooch reached over $100,00 dollars.

Garnets remain jewellery box classics. Jewellers continue to create spectacular modern pieces including classic stud earrings and intricate drop earrings, fabulous necklaces. Perfect for wearing with stunning vintage cocktail rings with large vibrant coloured stones in exquisite settings. Vintage jewellery is great for making a sophisticated statement as many pieces are unique and highly desirable.

Garnet is the birthstone of January and is believed to mean perseverance, truth and patience. Antique garnet jewellery makes a perfect present for friends and loved ones.