About Vintage Fine Jewellery May 03 2014

Vintage Equestrian specialize in fine vintage and antique jewellery. With over 30 years experience with fine antique jewellery, the jeweler at Vintage Equestrian maintains exceptionally high standards. We source vintage jewellery, originally created with great care and attention by hand, often several decades ago.

Sometimes vintage jewellery we source has become damaged or worn with time, but the original beauty remains. We are fortunate to have highly skilled jewelers at our London workshop where pieces can be restored with great care, attention, and pride, using precious stones and metals original to the piece. Each piece is repaired by hand and cleaned to a standard often making the jewellery appear new and unworn. We appreciate the intrinsic value in antique jewellery and would like it to be enjoyed for many years and passed between generations of families.