Vintage & Antique Cufflinks May 24 2014

Vintage Fine Jewellery stock a wide range of vintage and antique cuff links in yellow gold, rose gold, white gold and silver. All of our cufflinks are genuine antique and vintage pieces from the Victorian and Edwardian periods, together with the Jazz age of the 1920s.

There are many new and modern cufflinks available that simply cannot compete with the nostalgia and intrinsic value of vintage cufflinks. There is something very special about the craftsmanship that has created the vintage cufflink by hand, making them more desirable than modern machine manufactured cufflinks.

There is also no doubt that vintage cufflinks are timelessly stylish. Cufflinks have a great history for being a personal gift. Mrs Wallis Simpson wrote ‘Hold Tight’ on the back of a set of diamond cufflinks in 1935 when her affair with King Edward VIII was a secret and their marriage still two tricky years away. The cufflinks were auctioned together with a collection of fabulous dazzling jewels owned by Wallis Simpson and the Duke of Windsor.

Antique cufflinks are a great way to add individual style and tailored suit.